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We love what we do..... and when ‘you grow, we grow’.

CJ2 Design is an integrated service provider with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Established in 2002, the firm is built around a credentialed and diverse group of architects, interior designers, project managers and engineers.  Currently we have a staff of + 90 experienced staff members.
CJ2 specializes primarily in design, however we also provide design & build services on a large number of projects.  Our clients and services include:
Architecture: Mixed Use Development and Facade Development
Interior Design: Offices, Industrial, Research & Development, Control Rooms
Urban Design: Roof Gardens, Landscape Planning
Strategies: Building Services Engineering, Design Management,
                     Design/ Build, Feasibility Studies,  Land Usage Studies,
                     Pre-Lease Services, Procurement Management,                           
                     Programming, Strategic Facilities Planning, Sustainability ,Consulting
Visual Communications:   Brand Development, Signage

CJ2 has a reputation for believing ‘anything is possible’.  We bring innovative and creative senior designers to each of our assignments and they are supported by a team of young, dynamic professionals from conception through completion.


We provide services throughout China and the Asia Pacific region.  Our service to international clients has enabled us to recognize cultural values, respect confidential issues, meet the challenges of differing languages and deliver projects that exceed our client’s expectations.


We love what we do..... and when ‘you grow, we grow’.

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